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Renault is creating a fully electrified, intelligent island

Renault, in cooperation with a Portuguese electricity supplier, wants to build the first island free of fossil fuel pollution. The Company has presented a bold vision in which Porto Santo is fully supplied with electricity from renewable sources.

Porto Santo is a small island of the Madeira archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is settled permanently by only about 5,000 people and has an area of 42.5 km2.

There are already wind and photovoltaic farms on the island, but now Renault, together with its largest energy supplier in the area, wants to fully electrify transport and install energy storage facilities to improve the condition of the power grid. The company will be responsible for developing solutions and delivering electric cars to the island.

Credits: Electrek

At the beginning, Renault will supply 20 electric cars for volunteers participating in the programme. Special vehicle charging stals, powered from renewable sources, will be installed. Moreover, by the end of 2018, the impact of electric vehicles on the energy network is expected to increase significantly. They will be used as intelligent energy storage facilities, capable of releasing electricity to the grid in case of excessive demand (Vehicle to Grid).

At the end of the project, Renault will use the second-life batteries to build stationary energy storage facilities. This will be the first practical example of the reuse of batteries from electric cars.

The Company hopes to build and test a model that can then be adopted on other islands or cities and consequently aims to promote green solutions based on electric cars.

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