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NASA is working on a hibernation chamber for people

NASA, in cooperation with SpaceWorks Enterprises, is building a hibernation chamber for humans. A medically induced, controlled state of metabolic inactivity obtained by lowering body temperature to a mild hypothermia level could last up to two weeks. This would make it easier for astronauts to travel long distances in the Solar System. Of course, the technology being developed will not allow people to "sleep" for several decades, which we have had the opportunity to see in films many times, but it is only the beginning - perhaps a breakthrough technology.

A two-week hibernation could affect the mental health of astronauts, who will not feel so lonely during their journey. In addition, the amount of resources required to survive would be reduced several times, which would translate into a lighter space vehicle and lower mission costs.

According to the published information, the body temperature would be gradually lowered to 32 degrees Celsius, and astronauts would fall asleep without feeling cold or "freezing". It would seem that artificial hypothermia, which leads to a decrease in metabolism, may be dangerous to health, but it is completely different. It counteracts potential tissue injuries that could result from hypoxia and prevents harmful effects of micro-gravity and space radiation on health.

Scientists plan that astronauts will be fed intravenously during hibernation and catheters will be used to remove waste from the chamber. NASA notes that initial costs and consumables would be significantly reduced, which would give the space agency a higher budget to use for improving their safety.

It would be much easier to realise a manned mission to Mars. Elon Musk informed us some time ago that on board the Big Falcon Spaceship will be such attractions as a cinema or restaurants, which will make the journey more pleasant for passengers. Hibernation technology would save a lot of space and money, and the ship itself could take much more than a hundred people on board. However, this will require further, long-term work on technology that can ultimately make it easier for mankind to travel to the stars.

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Source: Syfy Wire

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